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When creating a portrait, I’m interested in capturing and conveying the complexity of the human spirit and condition; the emotions which lie beneath the surface, the fragility and/or tensions which may accompany a particular moment.

Maryam Foroozanfar has been painting since 1990. She holds a BFA from the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York and currently lives and works as a Fine Artist/Portrait Painter in London, where her work has been selected for the Columbia Threadneedle Prize (2016) and exhibited regularly for various exhibitions at the National Portrait Gallery since 2004.

Commissioning a Portrait Painting or Drawing
I’m always pleased to accept portrait commissions – bespoke portrait artworks require a bit of planning and may take several months to complete depending on various factors; size, number of sitters, amount of detail. Every piece of commissioned artwork enriches lives by evoking memories, marking both intimate and momentous occasions; commemorating meaningful moments, and therefore celebrating life.

The process is fairly simple and straight-forward:
Primarily, I work from photos shot during a brief, casual photo-shoot session.
However, if the client wishes to provide a selection of pre-existing high-resolution images that they had taken themselves, we could then work out which image(s) would translate best into painting.

If interested in commissioning a portrait, please contact me to discuss all your requirements in further detail.

For all purchase and commission inquiries, or if you’d like to join the mailing list and receive exhibition news/updates, please fill in the form below or send e-mail to maryam@foroozanfar.com


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